Dearly Departed

The Voices of the Clark Norris Museum

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For many years, staff, visitors, and vendors to the Clark Norris Museum in Princeton have had some unexplained experiences: the sound of footsteps in empty rooms, hearing voices, seeing figures through the window when the museum was closed, or finding lights on at odd hours.

Recently, we decided we wanted to learn more about what we were experiencing, so we reached out to the Society for Anomalous Studies (SAS), a group of paranormal investigators based in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, to conduct a paranormal investigation of the Clark Norris Home.

They obtained video and audio evidence of paranormal activity during their multiple investigations on all levels of the home. This event will be an audio visual presentation of their findings.

The SAS team observes and documents their investigations in an attempt to capture tangible evidence of the paranormal. They observe best practices, as well as established protocols, to ensure they run clean investigations that are documented via multiple audio and video devices. They use a large variety of equipment, follow a planned investigation, and upon obtaining possible evidence, peer review it to help ensure its validity.

For the last 10 years SAS have worked almost exclusively with historical societies and historic properties to support them with fundraising events.

All proceeds from this event will go to support the Bureau County History Center to maintain not only the Clark Norris Home, but also the two other historic properties we maintain.

Recommended for ages 12 and older.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here or in-person at the Bureau County History Center.