Wish List

Funding opportunities for the Bureau County History Center

Future capital and program projects

  • Scholarship funds for high school and college/university internships
  • Replace East and North doors at the Sash Stalter Matson Building
  • Alarm System for facilities
  • Tuck point the Clark Norris Museum
  • Repair or replace the disabled door of the Newell Bryant Museum
  • Research room lighting
  • Second floor light switch wedding gown room of the Newell/Bryant Museum
  • Research room walls leaching/paint peeling
  • Level the entry before the stairs of the research room
  • Central air conditioning for the Clark Norris Museum
  • Gutter repair north/east/center of the Clark Norris Museum
  • Restricted gifts for future operations

    Staff Wish List

    • Desktop Printer
    • Printer paper
    • Laptop Computer