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The Local World War II and Vietnam-era 

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WWII – Allen, Ralph Walter

WWII – Anderson, Frances

WWII – Anderson, Robert E

WWII – Anderson, Willis R

WWII – Arnold, Wayland P

WWII – Bennett, Fred

WWII – Berry, Leroy

WWII – Bickett, Joseph

WWII – Blake, Ellis D

WWII – Brooker, Robert Munro

WWII – Bruce, George C. Jr

WWII – Burkey, Philip Aurel

WWII – Carlson, Doris

WWII – Carroll, Edmond

WWII – Castner, Max 

WWII – Chandler, Arthur

WWII – Cinnamon, Cecil

WWII – Clark, Robert

WWII – Coville, Max

WWII – Dabler, Genevieve

WWII – Dana, LeRoy

WWII – DeVore, Lawrence

WWII – Donaldson, Dorothy

WWII – Doty, Charles

WWII – Duffield, Theodore Lawrence

WWII – Eckhoff, Richard

WWII – Eidenmiller, Robert

WWII – Ellerbrock, Henry

WWII – Erickson, Henrietta

WWII – Erickson, Jack

WWII- Farley, Evelyn

WWII- Ganschow, Dean

WWII- Gibons, Esther

WWII- Gibons, Richard

WWII- Gilham, Mary

WWII- Glover, Frank

WWII- Gronwald, Jane

WWII- Groy, Robert M

WWII- Gustafson, Everett

WWII- Gustafson, Janet

WWII- Gutshall, Robert R

WWII- Hansen, Barb

WWII- Harcher, Vivian

WWII- Hartz, Lila

WWII- Hedrich, John

WWII- Hermeyer, Paul

WWII- Hoge, June Gunning

WWII- Huffaker, Jean

WWII- Huffstodt, Joy

WWII- Hultine, Carl

WWII- Jones, Russell

WWII- Juric, Joseph

WWII- Kline, Sam

WWII- Larson, Clark

WWII- Littlefield, Virgil

WWII- Lyford, Victor

WWII- Marsett, Solon Andrew

WWII- May, Marvin

WWII- McLane, Rosemary

WWII- Merkley, Francis

WWII- Middleton, Carol (Mickey)

WWII- Miles, Howard

WWII- Miller, Stanley

WWII- Morine, Harold S.

WWII- Morris, Helen

WWII- Nelson, Leith

WWII- Nelson, Robert F.

WWII- Newell, Everett J

WWII (Korea)- Nickelsen, Richard 

WWII (WWII)- Nickelsen, Richard

WWII- Nimee, Joe

WWII- Norris Walters, Mary Win

WWII- Novario, John Francis

WWII- Parker, Hayden Ray

WWII- Philbrook, Dorothy

WWII- Philbrook, Lowell

WWII- Puttcamp, Leland C.

WWII- Schuyf, Raymond

WWII- Schultz, Robert

WWII- Sidebottom, Woodruff

WWII- Smith, Francis

WWII- Smith, Mary Jane (Neidetcher)

WWII- Stabler, Robert

WWII- Steele, Harold

WWII- Steele, Margery

WWII- Stetson, Donald

WWII- Sutliff, Earl Martin

WWII- Swan, Joanne

WWII- Swan, Roger

WWII- Swearingen, Harley

WWII- Swearingen, Lawrence

WWII- Thompson, Juanita

WWII- Trimble, Howard

WWII- Vance, Clyde

WWII- Vaseleski, Ray

WWII- Verbout, John

WWII- Vetter, Raymond

WWII- Vickrey, Jack

WWII- Vinyard, Albert #1

WWII- Vinyard, Albert #2

WWII- Wall, Bob

WWII- Whitver, Richard

WWII- Williams, Mary

WWII- Winslow, Esther

WWII- Wolf, Earl

WWII- Wolfe, Ralph (Pat)

WWII- Woodlief, William 

WWII- Yonk, Keith

WWII- Ziegler, Aneta

WWII- Ziegler, Lloyd

Vietnam- Alm, Dennis

Vietnam- Gustafson, Allen

Vietnam- Hockstadt, John

Vietnam- May, Jim

Vietnam- Piper, Rex

Vietnam- Sondergroth, Vern