Join The British Titanic Society

For every Princeton resident who joins the British Titanic Society, Peter Cook will cover the Bureau’s membership fee for one additional year…  up to the next FIVE YEARS. 

Below is the link to the British Titanic Society – This will take you to the Overseas Membership page.

To join the British Titanic Society (BTS) from the United States:

  1. Open the link below…  You will see “Overseas Membership”.
  2. Scroll down to “Apply Online” and fill in your information.
  3. Membership:  Select “New Member”.
  4. Membership Type:  Select “ROW Membership (£45)”  ……  £45 in British Pound currency = $56.14
  5. Age
  6. How did you hear about us?  Select “Referral”
  7. Answer the rest of the questions.
  8. Click “Submit”
    1. The page to enter your payment will appear. Be sure to enter the correct U.S. Dollar amount to equal £45  ($56.14 as of 12 May 2024).  You can find the U.S. Dollar to British Pound conversion rate on the link below.
    2. PayPal will be a payment option.   Be sure to enter the correct U.S. Dollar amount to equal £45.

After you join the BTS, please send an email to Peter Cook to let him know you’ve joined (email address below).

Overseas Membership

U.S. Dollar to British Pound Conversion link

Peter Cook
Titanic Historian & Speaker
American Representative of the British Titanic Society