The Mothers of World War II Letters

While we were preparing for our military exhibit, we came across a large cache of letters dating from World War II. Realizing that some of these letters are quite moving, and that families likely do not know we have them, we have decided to offer to make copies of the letters, for a donation, should someone want one.

The letters were written by local servicemen and women to a local chapter of a national organization called The Mothers of World War No 2. This was a national organization originally founded in Indianapolis. This organization of women was concerned with the welfare of veterans, widows and orphans. They monitored bills coming out of Washington to ensure no national legislation detrimental to veterans and their families would be passed. They provided relief and rehabilitation in hospitals aiding sick and disabled veterans, they supported needy orphans, and sent care packages to local men and women serving in the military around the world.

The local chapter was called the Mothers of World War No. 2 Hugh Middaugh Unit #17. Middaugh, the son of Albert J. Middaugh, was a Navy radio operator and the first man from Princeton to lose his life while serving during World War II. Middaugh, and other sailors who survived the sinking of two U.S. Navy ships, took to the sea in a whaleboat and two rubber rafts in August 1942. They floated for 13 days before spotting land. Middaug, 28, died when he became violently ill after 10 days adrift on August 31, 1942. He was buried at sea off the coast of the Philippines.

We believe these individuals are primarily from Princeton, although other towns in the county may be represented here as well. We have 171 letters written by 142 different people. Excerpts of some of the letters are currently quoted on the wall in the World War II room at Newell-Bryant for this exhibit.

Please go to the link below to view the list of names of those we have letters from. If you see the name of a family member, and you would like a copy of their letter, we will gladly provide you with one. However, given the hours of work that have gone into preserving these letters, we would appreciate a donation of $10.00 to support our ongoing work to save these and other precious historical items from Bureau County.

Copies can be made of the transcribed letter or the original, or both. Transcribed letters are available for viewing anytime during museum hours.

Thank you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Asterisks next to names denotes those letters have already been provided to family members.

Donald H. Ackerson

R.E. Aldrich

George R. Allen

Harold H. Allen

Virgil H. Anderson

Earl L. Angle

Richard Arling

John F. Becker (2 letters)

Leroy Becker

John Bergin

Blossom Brems

Pete J. Buchwald

Charles Burr

Robert H. Burr (2 letters)

R.L. Campbell

Roy E. Campbell

Howard S. Carroll

Raymond B. Carter

Wilma Jean Cass

Burton Cole

Stanely Cole (2 letters)

P.L. Conkling

Robert E. Conkling

James S. Cowley

James E. Crandell

Ralph C. Crownover

Del. R. Cushman

Gertrude Daniels

Harold Davis

Marjorie Dawson

Glenn E. Dean

Harold Dean

William DeBord

Forrest H. DeRose

Louis Eaton

Roger L. Eickmeier (6 letters)

Daxon Eldridge

Carl C. Ellberg

Herbert Erickson

Doris Espel

Stanley Etheridge

Herbert Fahlberg

Clifford R. Farrell

Delmar R. Farrell

Donald M. Farrell

Curtis Fetrow

Howard Finn

Gilbert H. Fiste

Russel W. Flaherty

Arthur N. Fleming

Clifford A. Frantzen

George F. Gibons

Glenn V. Gleason

Irving Gleason

D.W. Goodale

Howard Greene

Fred W. Gross

Hobart W. Gunning

Paul A. Haberkorn

Robert L. Hade

Robert C. Halberg

H. Hamm

Clarence Hansoncx

Robert S. Harris

Harold Hassler

Clifford L. Hayden

Claude C. Henning

Matthew Harold Hensel (2 letters)

Melvin Herbolsheimer

Paul Hildebrand

Floyd Hornback

Victor C. Hubbard

Conrad Hudson (2 letters)

Kenneth Huffaker

Raymond Huffaker

Ben L. Huffstodt

Ned R. Huffstodt

Robert W. Huffstodt (2 letters)

Carl H. Hultine 

Ray F. Husser

Roland C. Johnson

Fred R. Gibbs, Jr

J.V. Kasbeer

Charles B. Krone (2 letters)

J.E. Krone

Ernest A. Lack (2 letters)

Harold P. Larson (2 letters)

Raymond E. Mabry

Mervin McCoy

Hallie R. Mead

Clifford F. Meyer (2 letters)

Charles E. Miller

Ronald A. Miller

Robert H. Moline (2 letters)

Max O. Morel (2 letters)

Glenn R. Mulvane

Carl O. Nelson*

Vincent A. Nelson

Joseph W. Nelson (2 letters)

Kenneth Nelson

Leland R. Nelson (2 letters)

Clarence Olson

H.E. Parr

Dick Paschen

Robert Petersen*

Robert L. Pierson

Oren D. Pomeroy

Howard F. Prather (2 letters)

Joseph A. Pratt

William Prince

Leland Puttcamp

Donald F. Ricci (2 letters)

Hubert E. Ricci

Howard W. Roggy (2 letters)

Robert R. Roggy

Howard R. Ruberg

Dale B. Russman

Harold Rutherford

Donald L Sabe (2 letters)

E.R. Schmitt

William R. Schoenberger

Clayton Shipp 

Kenneth E. Shipp (2 letters)

Carter Shives

Robert B. Simon (2 letters)

Laurence E. Simpson

Richard M. Skinner

Earl Slutz

Charles A. Smith

Robert J. Smith

George R. Snell

Howard Swan

John S. Swan (2 letters)

Ernest P. Swango

Dick Swanson (3 letters)

William Swind

Roger Walstrom

Victor E. Watson

Clifford L. Wolf

John Wood

Robert B. Yates

Jack Yepsen (2 letters)